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Purchasing a Domain Name

Purchasing a domain name is not difficult; this is something that you can do yourself. A domain name is a friendly name for a website; it could be something like www.companyname.com or www.google.ie. Everyone is entitled to purchase and own a domain name. Most businesses in Ireland own a .ie domain name.  In order to buy a .ie domain name you will need to provide proof that you are entitled to purchase it. A simple way of providing proof is to register the domain name as a business name.

Registering a business name will cost you €20.00 and can mostly be done online. Go to www.core.ie and fill in the form to register a business name. First, ensure that the business name does not exist, you will find a link to check business names on the site. Once you submit their form, the system will provide a PDF for you to print. Print it, sign it and mail it with your €20.00 cheque. You will receive the official business registration via mail in about 2 - 3 weeks.  Once you receive the certificate then register your domain name and fax the certificate to the registering company. There are quite a few online companies where you can register your domain name; www.letshost.ie, www.blacknight.ie, www.register365.ie just to name a few.  It does not matter which one you choose as the service provided is exactly the same. You can also go to any of these websites to check if a domain name is available. Just put in the domain that you will be purchasing and submit. The system will tell you whether it is available or not.

Purchasing a domain name will cost approximately €15.00 per year. If you only have an eircom email address or some other Internet Server provider (ISP) email address then I would advise that you get a Gmail address. Then use your Gmail address when purchasing your domain name. Many people have lost their domain name because they didn't receive the renewal notice.  They used their email address given to them by the ISP then changed their ISP.  When you change your ISP, you do not get the keep your email address. When you have a Gmail address, you won't lose it by changing to a new ISP.

If you decide to buy a .com domain name then you do not need proof that you are entitled to it. It's on a first come, first serve basis. If you purchase it first then you are entitled to it. A .com domain name is not specific to any country. Unlike the .ie that is specific to Ireland only.

If you are currently starting a business, it is advisable to check if both the .ie and the .com domain name for your company is available. If they are not available, you might want to re-think your business name. Yes, that is how important your online presence will be.

Written by Vince Doherty, Dakor Web Design