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Free software that will help your business


There has always been a struggle between governments and the Internet. The government would like to control and even tax the Internet, and indeed some governments already do. While the user and keepers of the Internet would like to see it kept free, useful, and creative. For the first time in hundreds of years, the people have been allowed to decide the direction of a medium without the input or control of the authorities. And look at what we have created!

In such a short period of time we have created quality, reliability, flexibility, creativity, innovation and even cost savings, the benefits to the world has been dramatic,

A process known as open-source has developed from this openness of collaboration. Open-source is a development method for software that brings together experiences software developers to build a system. The system is then provided for free to the general public. The developers gain recognition and the end user gains free software, a win-win situation.

Here are some open-source and free online products that should help you to organise and cut costs for your business.

Google Calendar (free)

I love Google Calendar, I keep all my meetings and reminders on it. This is free to use and you can share it with others. You can sync it with Microsoft Outlook, Apple iCal and Mozilla Firebird. You can set reminders to email you, text you or give a popup before the event.

Skype (mostly free)

Skype was initially used as an instant messaging tool, it quickly became a telephony service using VOIP. It can cut your phone bill in half instantly. Just add money to your account and then call any landline phone, mobile phone or another skype user. You will pay as little as €0.017 per minute and skype to skype is free. I would also recommend the Plantronics 920 bluetooth headset to go along with it.

Open Office (free)

Open Office is a full suite of office software tools. They are the free version of Microsoft office tools such as Word, Excel etc... You can also open Microsoft's documents using Open Office. The suite includes word processing, spreadsheets, presentation software, graphics and database.

Gmail (free)

Gmail is another application provided by Google. It is an online email application otherwise known as webmail, but it can still use your favourite email application to retrieve and write emails with your Google account.

Linux operating system (open source)

Linux has been the ultimate open-source software. It is an operating system most commonly used with Apache server. Google also uses Linux as a platform for its search applications. Linux is free and open-source.

7-Zip (open source)

7-zip is an free open source compression tool. This tool allows you to compress and uncompress files.

Written by Vince Doherty, Dakor Web Design