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Websites - Tell me more

This article is intended to give a broad overview of the Internet and Websites for beginners. Just about everybody now has heard of the Internet and websites. But what is the difference between the Internet and websites? Hopefully, I can help you understand a little more.

The Internet is an ever expanding collection of websites. Just like your computer is a collection of software, i.e. Operating System, Internet Browser, Email Program. However, the Internet on the other hand expands at around 10 million web pages per day. Google currently indexes approximately 8 billion web pages. You can gain access to the Internet by using your computer an Internet Browser (Internet Explorer or Firefox) and a subscription with an Internet Service Provider (ISP). Some popular ISPs in Ireland are Eircom, Digiweb, Irish Broadband. They provide a service that allow you to connect to the Internet. You then use a browser to view web pages. Contrary to popular believe, the browser is not the Internet, it is just a device used to view web pages on the Internet.

A website is collection of web pages and other media. A website is stored on a server, which is just a powerful computer. Once a website is stored on a server it is then available to anyone on the Internet. The company that owns the server is called a hosting company. If you were having a website built then you would need to find a hosting company in order to store and serve your website.

A website will always have a website address or otherwise known as a URL. A typical URL would be google.com or dakor.ie. A website address is a user friendly way to remember a website name, otherwise you would have to remember an I.P. address. Just imagine trying to remember the I.P. of my website, http:// When you type in a URL into your browser the Internet goes to work and looks up the I.P. address associated with the URL. The I.P. address tells your browser where the server is located and what website you are looking for. Of course, all of this is done in split seconds and then the website is displayed on your browser.

Written by Vince Doherty, Dakor Web Design