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Exclude Under 35s From Your Business

It is shocking but true, there are still many businesses in Ireland without an online presence. For whatever reason, they think that a website is not necessary for their business. These businesses are simply ignoring a large portion of their market, the under 35's.

In April 2007, Accenture published a study about online product research. They found that 67% of respondents preferred to purchase goods in physical stores, however, 69% of the respondents stated that the use the Internet to research product features as part of the shopping process.

They also found that:

· 58% use the Internet to locate items online before going to a store to purchase.

· Only 13% said the Internet has not improved their shopping experience.

· 43% said the online information was the most influential

“Instead of replacing bricks and mortar stores, the Internet is an extension of consumers’ in-store shopping experience providing a resource to research product and price,” said Jeff Smith, global managing director of Accenture’s Retail practice. “Retailers and manufacturers must understand this consumer behaviour trend in order to reach shoppers, educate them, serve them and earn their loyalty.”

The internet has become second nature to the under 35's. They have easy access to it via their computer at home, their computer at work, and even on their phone. It is an easy reachable resource that will give immediate results, no matter what they are looking for. This market segment believes that if a business does not have a website then they cannot be very reputable. The easiest way to profit from this market is to have a website.

The most obvious benefit to owning a website is marketing your business online. Prospective clients will look for your business website before searching the yellow pages for your phone number. However, there are a lot of other benefits. A website can be used as an opportunity to publish your knowledge of your products or services, it can be used as a communication tool in order to keep in contact with your current clients, or it can be used to inform people of your business or products.

Written by Vince Doherty, Dakor Web Design