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Are you in control of your website?

A website is an important marketing tool in today's modern business. It increases the company's visibility and enables communication with a global audience. It can be a powerful instrument or it can be a stagnant brochure.

Websites are often built without any thought of future upgrades or modifications. The business owner was excited about creating a company website and spent a lot of time ensuring the right design, pictures and content that portrayed the company's products or services. However, once the website is launched , it is forgotten about. Left as an artist would leave a painting. Yet, a website is not the same as a printed brochure. It is an organic, expandable marketing device.

A stagnant website may lose search engine position and customer's attention. Search engines like Google seek out and award websites that update their content on a regular basis. They give the website a higher ranking because the company must be actively trading if they are adding new content or changing older content. They understand that the customer searching for the company or product will appreciate a website with content that is kept fresh. A website needs continuous improvement to capture and engage their visitors attention. A visitor will only return to a website if there is something new to see.

Continuous improvement to a website can be achieved either by paying a web development company to make the changes or by installing a Content Management System (CMS) into the website. Some web development companies provide website maintenance contracts for a monthly fee. A contract of this nature will give the website owner a certain amount of hours of website modifications or enhancements for the month. The website owner will inform the web development company of what changes are needed and provide the content to them. The web development company will then make those changes at a discounted hourly rate. On the other hand, having a content management system will cut out the web development company and put the website owner back in control of their website again.

A Content Management System (CMS) is a software application that controls all elements of a website. It allows a user with little or no knowledge of programming or mark-up languages to create and manage website content. Contrary to popular believe, a CMS cannot be plugged into a website. A CMS is used as a building tool for a website. If a website does not currently have a CMS system then one would need to be installed and the website would need to be rebuilt. The right CMS will give the website owner almost full control over their website. They will be able to modify content, upload images and PDF's, add images to a webpage, add new webpages and even create a new section of their website. The CMS will also facilitate them to write blogs or news items, update products on an E-commerce website and even send newsletters. All of this can be achieved with any prior knowledge of programming or websites.

The advantages of having a CMS system on your website can be seen immediately. First and foremost, it puts the business owner back in control of their website. The business owner and their staff manage the content creation of the website, reduced costs can be realised by taking charge of this service, communication with clients is improved, testing marketing material is simplified, customer service is enhanced, and your website becomes expandable and modifiable.

Written by Vince Doherty, Dakor Web Design