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Feb 4, 2010

No big suprise here, Google grabs 77% of the world's search engine market.However, Baidu and Yandex are ranking very high on the list after Google. The Chinese search engine Baidu has gained 8% of the marketplace, while Yandex the Russian largest internet company is creeping up rapidly with 2%.

Global Search Engine Statistics


Back in the European market, Google still has major exposure but again we see the Eastern European search engines coming up on the flanks.


Search Engine Stats for Europe

Source: Score Media Metrix

Feb 4, 2010

I done a little research this morning focusing on the search engine market, found some interesting stuff.According to comscore Europeans Conducted 25 Billion Searches in March 2008, averaging 111 searches per searcher. Here is a breakdown by country.

Searches per Searcher

Aug 15, 2009

I am still suprised at how many businesses currently do not have a website. It is shocking but true. I hear such excuses as "I don't need a website", "my customer's are old and don't understand computers", "I don't need more customers." Wow!

Accenture recently done a survey and found 67% of the respondents still like to purchase products in a shop. However, 69% of those respondents stated that they use the Internet to research the products and company before purchasing. They also found that 43% said the online information was most influential.

The internet has become second nature to the under 35's. They have easy access to it via their computer at home, their computer at work, and even on their phone. It is an easy reachable resource that will give immediate results, no matter what they are looking for. This market segment believes that if a business does not have a website then they cannot be very reputable. The easiest way to reach this market is to have a website.

A slightly smaller percentage of over 35's also use the Internet for research of products and companies. This market segment is becoming more and more Internet savvy by the day. This market segment also should not be ignored.