The ins and outs

How it Works

The Seller

We believe in providing a one-stop shop for hard to source items such as shipping containers, office cabins, camper vans, and 3-bed mobile homes. We provide a centralised location for selling or buying any of these items. 

An individual or a business may have certain item of interest that they want to sell. They first must register as a seller, once the account has been approved, they can then advertise their product on this hub in order to advertise it to potential buyers.

The seller will set the price and condition of the product and then upload pictures. The seller determines the price and whether shipping is included or not. The potential buyer that is interested in the product can send a query to the seller; either to make a query or an offer. Once the buyer and seller agree on a price they arrange delivery and payment.

The Buyer

  • The potential buyer can browse through the categories or search to see what is available for sale.
  • Should they find an item that they wish to purchase, they can create an account and make a query or make an offer to the seller.
  • When the buyer and the seller agree on a price the delivery of the item and the payment is determined. 

The Transaction

We provide a centralised location if you are selling or buying. Dakor does not take payments for any items on this site, the buyer will make the payment for an item directly to the seller. 

Seller places item for sale
> Buyer browses the items on Dakor
> buyer contacts the seller with questions
> seller replies
> buyer makes and offer
> seller and buyer agree on a price and make payment
> item is delivered.  


DAKOR is the leading marketplace for new and used shipping containers, portable cabins, mobile homes and caravans


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