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  • A Website Maintenance Retainer is a service contract between your company and Dakor Web Services. By having Dakor as your website maintenace vendor, you will have a host of web experts at your fingertips. You will have guaranteed access to our experienced staff of programmers, designers,  and technical consultants for a contracted number of hours per week/month/year.
  • By having a Website Maintenance Retainer with Dakor, we will be contracted to offer you our website services by our team of experts.  Our staff will be available during business hours Monday through Saturday to make the requested changes to your website.

    Change request are submitted through our unique online Proquest System. Our production staff will get to work on your request shortly after receiving it. If you request an estimated time for the order then our team will send you the estimated time and will start working on the request after approval from you.

  • Of course this will depend on how often you think you will need to update your website and what needs to be updated. It is recommended that you update your website at least twice per month, in order for the search engines to give you a higher ranking. Simple text changes are usually done quickly. If you need images sized and optimised or a certain amount of programming is needed then this will take longer.

    If you were to hire or train in-house staff to do the website changes, how long do you think it would take them? would they need to work on it full-time or part-time? think of how many hours they would work on it per month and then half it, as our staff are experienced professionals, they will be able to make the changes in half the time.

    We are very flexible when is comes to this. For the first six months of the contract we will allow you to change your monthly hours up or down as you please at the end of each month. There is a minimum of one hour per month. At the end of the six months you will have a good idea of how many hours you will need per month.

  • There is no limit on the amount of request that you submit. As requests are completed the amount of time used to make the request will be automatically deducted from your retainable hours. Once you reach 0 hours then changes will be stopped until either the next period kicks in or you top-up your account for additional hours in that period.

    Example, let's say you have retained our services for 20 hours per month, on the 15th of the month, you have used up all your hours. You can simply top-up your hours for that month by paying the additional discounted fee for more hours. You decide how many more hours you will need for the month. You do not need to top-up by 20 hours, the minimum is five hours.

  • Our Website Maintenance Agreement covers a wide variety of request types. The following are generally provided under the agreement:

    • HTML editing and programming (e.g. updating text/copy, creating links, conversion of documents to HTML format, scanning images, simple client-side programming, etc.)
    • Added new webpages
    • Adding press releases
    • Development and programming of existing web-based tools or applications
    • Third-party software integration
    • Video and Audio integration (must be web ready)
    • Design and production of Web graphics and banner ads
    • Site integrity checking
    • Technical consulting
    • Fix broken website forms
    • Recurring  administrative tasks
    • Liaison with hosting company for technical support

    The following tasks are not included:

    • New Product development tasks (including, but not limited to, new Web-based tools or application and/or user interface development)
    • New Application development
    • Origination of content copy (editorial/copy writing)
    • Substantial redesign of existing site(s)
    • New site design
    • Active Flash-based functionality, navigation, application development or otherwise Flash Action Script-driven media design
    • Pay Per Click campaigns and/or management

    Each work request will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Should it fall into a gray area, we will consider it and make every effort to accommodate the request.

  • You can top-up your account at any time.  With our Service Agreement, you are entitled to purchase extra hours of service at a discounted rate.
  • For more information please call us at 076 602 5466 or contact us