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What is Online Business Marketing?

Online Business Marketing is the process of creating a full online campaign that will increase traffic to your website, increase sales and increase your bottom line. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the practice of ensuring that a website is marketed for the correct keywords to attract their target customers. Our Service will fit all your online marketing needs.
As we can see from the graph below, Google still has a large presence in the search engine marketplace. Ensuring that your website is getting exposure to the Google's search engine is our #1 priority.
Search Engine Statistics
source: comScore Media Metrix

What we do for you

  1. Google Adwords campaign
  2. Google adwords is a Pay Per Click text advertising service. Google displays your ads above their search results and on other websites, like boards.ie. You specify the keywords that will trigger your advertising, you then decide how much you want to pay each time someone clicks on your advertising.

    We will help you find the most cost-efficient keywords through research. We will determine with you what you advertising budget is for this campaign and then set up the keywords and advertising for your campaign. Your campaign is monitored and on regular basis and you receive reports on its progress.
  3. Website Analytics
  4. If you are not currently tracking all traffic coming into your website then we will work with you or your web development company to install software that will track all aspects of your website traffic.  Traffic will be analysed for referring websites, landing pages, exit pages, time on site, unique visitors, keywords used to find your website etc...

    We will ensure that your website is tracking all your visitors. Keywords used to find your website will be researched through the software and your website optimised for those keywords.
  5. Website Optimisation
  6. Your website will be optimised to improve search engine visibility based on the keywords of your business. We will suggest
  • Changes to the content of your current website.
  • Additional webpages that targets keywords
  • metatag changes to be consistent with the keywords suggested
  • Specific Blogs
  • Website Validation
  • Broken link check

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