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Dakor is a full service web design firm specialising in Content Management System driven websites. The web site that we deliver to you will be fully functional and fully changable by you. You will have full control over all elements of your website. You will be able to update any text on your website, upload images, write news  articles, create blogs and even change prices of your products. Whatever you would like to change on your web site on a regular basis our CMS system will empower you to do it.

What are your needs?

We are often asked how much will this website cost me. We have set out an overview of what you should expect for you money. Also see our article on costs

Low Cost, less than €900

Website Portfolio We would suggest our Starter Kit, this will provide all your needs. It has a very low setup fee and low monthly costs which include hosting. Choose from our many templates, you can change colours and upload your logo. Then we will give you a full website with a CMS system that will allow you to make changes to your website and add new webpages.

Medium Cost, €900 - €2500

A new quality designed website to your standards, full Content Management System (CMS) that will give you full control over your website that will allow you to make changes to your website and add new webpages. Additional features includes Blogs, news items, articles, password protected members area, 'request more information' forms.

High Cost €2500 - €5000

Corporate website with a lot of functionality. E-commerce websites with fully integrated credit card payments, reports etc...

Besoke, costs unknown

We will provide free consultation on all bespoke work. If you have an idea or a feature that you would like to have implemented, talk to us and we will advise and quote you on your needs.

NO Website Templates

We do NOT use website templates. All our web designs are created from scratch. The last thing you want to see once your new web site is launched is another website that looks very similar but is in a completely different industry as you are. We believe your business is unique so your website design should be unique.

International Website

Is your target market in another country or would your like to sell your products or services in another country. Do you have an office in France or Spain. We have the technology to transfer your website into different language. We can develop multi-language website that will help you communicate with non-english speaking countries.

Local Web Design

We are based in Co. Kildare but we already have clients from U.S.A. and France. Whether you are based in Dublin, Cork or Galway we can work with you. We have strong communication skills that helps us ensure that your website is built the way you want. No matter where you are in Ireland we will have at least one face-to-face meeting with you, free of charge.

Full Service Web Development Firm

We will not only design your website, we will also develop it to fit your needs. Whatever business application that you need, we can develop it for you. See our Website Development section for more details.